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IT Support

We at WCS work to keep your business systems running efficiently and securely with our IT services, no matter the operating platform or cloud service: Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Dropbox, O365.

IT Support Line
Should your business encounter any issues with hardware or software, we're available to assist you either in person or remotely.
Pro-Active Maintenance
We check in during agreed upon times to look over your systems, making sure everything is running smoothly and catching any anomalies before your business can be affected.
Installation and Upgrades
Leave it to WCS when your business needs to set up a new IT environment or bring your older systems and applications up to date.
IT Projects

WCS can help your business create your own applications and systems, with the aim of seeing your projects delivered on time and on budget.

We utilise best practice in:

  • Consultation
  • Project Planning
  • Implementation & Integration
  • Resource Management